Westie Shout Out – Candied Bakery

This little gem on Hudson Road is always a go-to. Whether it’s a mid-morning treat or a much-needed lunch break Candied Bakery in Spotswood have you covered.

When that yellow neon sign out the front is blazing, it’s time to get your yum on. Firstly, at a basic level, you can get the most to die for organic bread. We are massive fans of their sourdough – but you can also pick up free range eggs and fresh milk. Want lunch? The cheeseburger sausage rolls or mushroom melts will get you through. Or you could even try some quiche or a kimchi hotdog.

Then there is the sweet stuff. Where do you even begin? The crusty brownie pie, the doughnuts (special shout out to the vanilla slice doughnuts), the danishes, soft serve… seriously we could go on!

The Candied Team are always friendly, even when pumping out baked goods to a queue of customers. We are ever so grateful to have such amazingly delicious treats in our hood. Surely you already follow them… but just in case here’s the Candied Bakery Instagram.


Westie Shout Out – Invite Me

What can we say about our local cute shop? Well for starters… it’s our go-to place for prezzies. But its more than that… its a bright little pop of colour on Anderson Street, usually with the amazing Amanda behind the counter. It has all the on-trend, uber cool party needs and every gift you ever wished someone would buy for you. If you don’t quite know what to get, Amanda will help sort you out.

And then there is Jane. We are such fan girls of Jane (Shh don’t tell anyone), but we’ve never actually seen her in the shop. Perhaps she is just some kind of Instagram Stories wizard from another time, who has returned to teach us how to do retail via stories. If you haven’t watched get on-board! There are 80’s dance-offs, turf wars, personal shopping tips and the legendary Pom Pom who perhaps really is the mastermind of it all…

This little store and the way they handle themselves in the digital world are a true asset to the West. We’re very grateful to have them in our hood.

You can follow the adventures of Invite Me on Facebook or Instagram or by visiting their website.

Photos by  Invite Me.

Westie Shout Out – Rocco’s Deli

Our very first #westieshoutout goes to the fabulous Rocco’s Delicatessen. If you don’t know Rocco, you’re missing out. He runs the Deli on Roberts Street in Yarraville and has done so for 40 years. It’s a perfect little time capsule of Italian goodness; with friendly service, a deli bar and an extensive stock range.

It is also home to the Rocco roll! Which is a freshly made panini by Rocco himself. The best part about the Rocco roll is that you don’t really have to order it. You just pass Rocco your roll of choice, tell him which deli cut you want (always salami 🙌) and he does the rest. You just hang out and admire the shop or have a chat.

The deli is pretty much the central point between our two houses and a firm lunchtime favourite at The Little Collective. Respect to you Rocco, we love your work and truly appreciate your beautiful smile when we stop by. Here’s to many more years of Rocco rolls. You can follow Rocco’s Deli @roccos_delicatessen or facebook.com/roccosdelicatessen